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Benefits of Provita D3 Liquid

Provita D3 liquid contains Vitamin D3 and is generally taken by people who have Vitamin D3 deficiency. Vitamin D3 is generally taken for uptake and metabolism of Calcium. It is also prescribed to fight bone loss medication.

What Provita D3 Liquid Contains

• Active substance – Colecalciferol 10 microgram corresponding to 400 IU Vitamin D3
• Other ingredients – Medium Chain Triglycerides, Natural tocopherol

When not to take Provita D3Liquid

• If you have increased levels of calcium in your blood or urine
• If you have increased level of vitamin D in your blood
• If you have stones in your kidney
• If you are allergic to any ingredient or active substances of Provita D3

Special care while taking Provita D3 Liquid

• If you are suffering from sarcoidosis which is a special type of connective tissue disease which affects lungs, skins and joints
• If you are already consuming some other drug which has vitamin D3
The best is to consult and give a brief to your doctor about all medicines that you are consuming. Let the doctor take the call.

Side effects of Provita D3 Liquid

There are some effects of Provita D3 which everybody doesn’t face. In case you are facing any of the side effects mentioned below, stop taking Provita and immediately consult with your doctor.
• Swollen face, lips, tongue or throat
• Facing difficulties with swallowing
• Hives and breathing problem

Some Frequently Asked Questions for Provita D3 Liquid

1. Is it safe driving or operating heavy machinery while consuming – Though Provita D3 has no known effect on ability to drive or use heavy machineries but if you face any side effects of Provita D3 mentioned above or face drowsiness, dizziness or headache, it might not be safe to drive or operate machines.
2. Is this medicine safe consuming during Pregnancy or breastfeeding – During Pregnancy or breastfeeding this medicine can be taken provided the daily intake does not exceed 600 IU Vitamin D. But it is wiser to consult with Doctor for this case as well.

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