Why you Should Buy Genny 2.0, the Robotic Wheelchair?

Robotic wheelchair is the next big thing. It is gaining much popularity among elderly and disabled people. There are obviously certain advantages of owning a power wheelchair. But because of this new trend many companies are now jumping in this business and selling their own power wheelchairs. Here we want to talk about Genny 2.0, a robotic wheelchair and how its stands far from the rest of the crowd. Here are 10 features of Genny 2.0 which you just cannot ignore. Why Opt For Genny 2.0, the Robotic Wheelchair? Auto Balance Yes, you heard it right. Its world’s first auto balanced robotic wheelchair. Genny utilizes an adapted to the case’s needs expressly modified Segway self- balancing base. Reduced Dimensions Most of the time people don’t buy power wheelchairs because it is bigger in size and they find it difficult to carry while travelling. Well Genny does not fall in that category. Genny is designed even for inner spaces. The handlebars are extractable. Also the reclining seatback makes it easier to fit into a car. Height Width Depth 67 cm 63 cm 69 cm Safest of all Genny has a presence detector under the seat which understands the presence of the driver once he/she is onboard and it can actually avoid machine accidents. It also gets turned off automatically once the user is getting out. Genny also has a redundancy technique which provides for the doubling of the electronic or mechanical circuits. Ergonomic design Genny makes sure that the user sits with right posture. Since user would spend a lot of time on Genny, it was very important for the engineers to design a product which would make sure that they sit with the right posture. Genny Ergonomic design with a custom made Tarta® makes sure the user doesn’t face any problem at all. Here are few other important measures for Genny Colors: Black, Grey, White and Red Speed: 6-12 Km/h Charging time: 6 Hours Motors Power: 3 Kw Maximum Incline and Slope: 18% Interested to buy Genny Mobility Robotic Wheelchair? Contact us today.

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