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Skin Irritation Problem – Derma-Heal as Solution

Our skin demands care. It forms a protective layer to what’s within, say, the tissues, the muscles, veins and arteries. It is sensitive to temperature and due to its response to stimuli, we are able to save ourselves from extreme heat and cold. While there is should be an entire routine of taking proper care of our skin, cleaning and moisturizing it, we are hardly able to find time to do that.

There is a pigment called melanin in our skin, which keeps our skin from burning. UAE has a temperature where if you are not covered fully then you run the risk of suffering sun burns. But this melanin pigment reacts with the harsh rays of the sun to form a protective layer, which we recognize as ‘tan’. Tan is actually good for us, although it makes us our skin dull. The reason why expatriates from the west often get more sunburns than the indigenous people is because this pigment is absent in their bodies. The absence of this pigment makes them more susceptible to skin care.

Our skin’s reflex mechanism is amazing. Whenever there is a mosquito bite or for that matter any insect bite, the skin immediately reacts. There is inflammation and redness. This is a warning sign. This is the skin’s way of saying that some harm has been done to your body. But this inflammation is often itchy and irritable. And if we are to give in to that temptation, we invariably start scratching to no end. Thus we make the wound worse.

Our skin not only responds to vectors but in many cases it is allergic to dust as well. You can have a rash just because you were exposed to dust. The reason as to why we have rashes or prickly heat is slightly different. Prickly heat (miliaria) is due to blockage of sweat ducts. You have thousands of sweat glands that lie just under the skin surface. These glands make sweat which travels down the sweat duct to the skin surface. If the sweat duct is blocked, the sweat seeps into the nearby skin. This causes tiny pockets of swelling (inflammation) which cause the rash. It seems that a germ (bacterium) called Staphylococcus epidermidis may play a role.

Skin Irritation Solution:

However, the point is that our skin reacts in various ways and it takes the form of an inflammation or rash. If we scratch on the rash too much then we might cause the skin to break out and even bleed. Therefore it is necessary to apply an emollient to soothe the skin. One such ointment is Derma – Heal. It has the property to relieve irritated skin and regenerate damaged skin.

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