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Symptoms of Scabies & How to Prevent Them

If you have read our previous blog about scabies, you would know what scabies is! Scabies is one of the most ancient affliction which is known to have infected humans for the last 2500 years. Scabies spreads quickly through close physical contact. Because of this the world sees almost 30 million cases of scabies every year. Because of its contagious nature doctors often recommend treatment for an entire group of people who are in frequent contact with the person who has scabies. In this article we will talk about prevention and symptoms of Scabies.

Prevention of Scabies:

Because Scabies is highly contagious, the best prevention is to avoid close contact with people who have scabies.

1. Avoid direct skin contact
2. Wash clothing and bedding used by an infected person properly. Wash the cloth in hot water in washing machine and high heat in a dryer. Another idea would be to seal the clothing in a plastic bag for almost 2 weeks.
3. There’s no point in using pesticide sprays or fogs, they are hardly of any help.

Symptoms of scabies:

1. Rash and intense itching which becomes worse at night. For babies and toddlers most common area for the infection are – head, face, neck, hands, and soles of the feet. However for adults, common areas are – wrists, elbows, armpits, nipples, penis, waist, buttocks, and the area between the fingers. The rash can consist of tiny blisters or might look like a pimple like bumps.

2. There’s one more type of scabies which is even more severe and contagious. It is known as Norwegian scabies. People with this scabies might develop thick crusts of skin which would contain thousands of mites or eggs. It might or might not be itchy but this type of scabies would have thick, gray skins which crumble easily when touched. This type of scabies is more common among people who have weak immune system.

Medication is very important for scabies. So as soon as you see any of these symptoms, take no time to consult with your doctor. Also you might want to check out this product named Lyderm which now a days is a leading choice when it comes to scabies. Stay safe.

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