Green Coffee Benefits: FACT or FICTION?

Do you love COFFEE? Are you becoming ‘COFFEE holic’? Does COFFEE affect your appetite? What is the new trend of COFFEE? What things you still do not know about COFFEE? COFFEE is said to be a universal drink because of its pleasing taste and soothing smell that no one could ever resist. For instance, one-third of all tap water in the U.S. and in Europe is mainly used for brewing coffee. 71% of Americans was recorded as their total caffeine consumption that follows their intake of sodas and tea. Nowadays, a new trend of Green Coffee is booming around the world, which intrigues many researchers to conduct further studies to prove Green Coffee’s healthful benefits compare to drinking roasted Coffee beans. Is this argument fact or fiction? Well, let us count the ways… GREEN COFFEE: Fat Burning Agent and Antioxidant Researchers have proven that Green Coffee reduces body weight, absorption of fat in our diet, and liver-stored fats by using lab animals. In addition, Green coffee improves the role of a fat burning hormone, Adiponectin. Moreover, it was proven to have the same potent antioxidants found in green tea and grapes seed oil fighting the risks of cancers. Hypertension Reduction In a lab test conducted for a month, Green Coffee that contains chlorogenic acid was proven to reduce the level of hypertension. Different studies using different brands of Green Coffee extract – also homemade extract – came up with the same results. Natural Remedy in fighting Heart disease Another study was conducted to prove that Green Coffee can be a Natural Remedy in fighting Heart disease. Because of its Chlorogenic Acid, it was found out that it can evidently improve cholesterol and triglyceride health problems, which triggers the risks of having heart disease. However, this animal lab study was not yet completed to human studies. If the outcomes happen to be comparable, Green Coffee extract could be a Natural Remedy in fighting Heart disease Slow Carbohydrate Absorption Investigations claiming that Green Coffee can postpone the ingesting of carbohydrates in the digestive tract have been concluded factual. As a result, it lowers blood sugar and fewer insulin spikes. Drinking Green Coffee extract is the same way of taking lower carb diet. Lose 1 Pound per Week Based on a human study, experimenting 30 overweight individuals for 12 weeks was conducted to test the relativity of Green Coffee intake to losing weight. Divided into 2 groups, Group A was instructed to drink regular instant coffee while Group B was asked to drink the mixture of instant coffee and 200mg Green coffee bean extract. Same groups were asked to continue their normal diet and daily activities. After the 12 weeks of observation, the experiment showed that Group A only lost less than 4 pounds, but the other group greatly lost almost 12 pounds in weight. The study concluded that by drinking Green Coffee extract, it can significantly reduce a pound per week. This means that if you eat a kilogram or 2.2 pounds of food daily adding 10 grams or 1/3 ounces of green coffee extract, within two weeks you will have suppressed the potential weight gain from that food by 35%. This is really noteworthy! What are you waiting for? Order now!!! Propharma Medical Supplies is a legal distributor of Green Coffee Plus and herbal medicinal products in the UAE. You can order online at to avail the best discount we could offer to you. You can also call us at +971 2 673 4781 or send an email to [email protected] for further details from Sundays to Thursdays, 8:00AM to 6:00PM. Our team will be glad to assist you! Order now!!!

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