Activated Charcoal: The Truth vs. The Claim

Activated Charcoal is commonly used for medicine-related problems involving the absorption of organic toxins before it can damage the entire body as well as air and water purifier. In 1550BC, it was considered as a powerful poison antidote and a detoxifier which up to date is being embraced by many people. Presently, other significant benefits of Activated Charcoal have been claimed such as body detoxifier, hangover reliever, teeth whitener, bad breath killer, and skin toner. These claims may sound convincing, but are these claims really applicable in the real life? Let us try to find out! Claim #1: Activated Charcoal is a body Detoxifier. The Truth: FACT! Lab tests have proven that Activate Charcoal can remove E. Coli, a large group of bacteria that is commonly settling in the intestines of both humans and animals. Also, it is used to stabilize drug overdose cases. However, to achieve desirable results, it has to be processed within a couple of hours according to a test made by the Annals of Emergency Medicine. Otherwise, most toxins will be soaked up by the body; hence Activated Charcoal will only absorb the lesser amount of the remaining toxins. Claim #2: Activated Charcoal as Hangover Reliever The Truth: False. ! Experiencing headache and nausea after drinking a large volume of alcohol is mainly because of a drug overdose. Yes, you read it right! ALCOHOL is a DRUG! Activated Charcoal is not designed to absorb alcohol due to its chemical structure. As a result, it will not be able to treat the symptoms of alcohol overdose as claimed by Dr. Michael Lynch, Medical Doctor of Pittsburgh Poison Center. Claim #3: Activated charcoal serves as Teeth Whitener The Truth: Perhaps. Speculations say that by brushing or by cleaning your teeth using Activated Charcoal, it will take away the stains coming from tea, wine, coffee, and other discoloring substances upon spitting out. Testimonials promise convincing results from subjective experiments. Conversely, up to date, there is still no universal evidence of these claims. Claim #4: Activated Charcoal is bad breathe KILLER The Truth: TRUE! According to a Clinical Biochemist study, Activated Charcoal can be used to cure an awful kind of bad breathe, named as Trimethylamine. On the other hand, Chronic Halitosis or Acute tuna-fish breath is another dental issue. Claim #5: Activated Charcoal is effective as skin toner The Truth: Maybe YES, maybe NO. Beauty products companies would easily persuade a typical consumer who wished to have fair-younger-looking skin. They convince people that by simply applying Activated Charcoal on your face, it can tone your skin thoroughly. Though, Dr. Kraige Kraffert, a well-known dermatologist, says that science has not yet gathered enough evidence of this hypothesis during his interview with New York Daily News. Generally, Activated Charcoal is necessary at work, at home, on the vacation… ANYWHERE! It helps in the cases of nonspecific diarrhea, food, and chemical poisoning and as well for the regulation of the food digestion and other beneficial uses. It guarantees NO FLATUENCE, NO GASSES, and NO CRAMPS. You can easily have it now! Call Propharma Medical Supplies, UAE at +971 2 673 4781 or send an email at [email protected] from Sundays to Thursdays, 8:00AM to 6:00PM. You can also have a look on our best products that we have. Our Customer Service Department will be pleased to serve you. Order now!!!

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